Parolz CityCard Image 2Hi there, we are ParolZ – a Universal Loyalty and Rewards Program filling the gap in the SME market. We are here to help small and local businesses gain access to today’s technology which will make their loyalty rewards readily available to you

This is why the Loyalty Program called the ParolZ CityCard was created.

It’s a simple and effective program aimed at helping businesses build and maintain a lasting connection with both new and existing customers, from the point they walk into the store to after they leave.

Parolz CityCard Image 1
The ParolZ CityCard

With our brainchild, the ParolZ CityCard, you now have access to tons of discounts, benefits, perks and rewards at all your favourite places, with just one card.

To give you the buck for your dime, the CityCard is;
– Universal i.e you need just one card to handle multiple loyalty rewards programs from all the places you like to visit.
– Wallet friendly i.e: Free of charge.
– One heck of a great looking card, to compliment all those Thousand Naira bills.
– Easier than learning the alphabet. You won’t break a sweat while taking it for a spin.
– Your key to enjoying all the perks, benefits, freebies & more from all the places you love.

Getting a CityCard

This is easy – all you have to do is visit any of our partner locations, and pick one up free of charge. To use, all you have to do is present your CityCard to the cashier or staff when leaving your favourite spot. They’ll “check-in” your card, and you’ll “earn points” for every Naira you spend. The higher the number of points you have, the more freebies, discounts and so much more you can get.

For example;
– If you have 200 points stored up on your card from a particular restaurant, you could get a free drink at said restaurant.
– If you have 400 points stored up on your card from a particular spa, you could get a huge discount on your next massage.

To get this party started, let’s lay down a few ground rules;
1. You cannot use points gotten at Restaurant A to redeem rewards at XYZ Salon.
2. If you forget your CityCard at any point in time, you will be fined N20,000. Just Kidding! You can always check-in with your registered phone number and still get your rewards.
3. Always use your CityCard. How else do you want to rack up enough points to get freebies everywhere you go?

The ParolZ CityCard App
Yes, we have an app, and it will be launching soon! This will help you keep track of all your points and rewards at the places you’ve visited, so you know when you’re due for a reward. It also alerts you when one of your favourite spots has a special offer or discount.

To get an invite to our launch event, click “Get an Invitation“.

Another amazing feature of the ParolZ CityCard app is you can “rate” a business based on their service, and how well you were treated. This matters because;
– Businesses with low ratings get blacklisted. So, your ratings are very important to them. Get ready for some VIP treatment!
– You get extra points for rating a business. This gets you that much closer to your next reward.

Want in? Then click here to find out where our CityCards are stocked, so you can pick one up and join the VIP section.

Have any questions or comments? Call 08162616199 to speak with a CityCard Customer Loyalty Program Expert or send an e-mail to