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So you’ve finally joined a Loyalty Rewards Program, or are about to, and you’re kind of stuck on what’s next. How does this Loyalty Program thing work? What’s really in it for me? Someone told you about freebies and discounts, how do you get those? The questions are probably piling up.

Not to worry, that’s why we’re here!

Today we are going to hold you by the hand and walk you through what you should know joining a Loyalty Rewards Program. By the time you’re done with this post, you’ll know what to look for in the program, have a better understanding of what you should be getting and, well, know why joining a Loyalty Rewards Program was a great decision.

Let’s start off by saying this – Loyalty Rewards Programs are definitely worth it. You might be re-thinking letting that cashier/attendant talk you into joining, but truth be told, they did you a favor. Think of it as an acquaintance letting you know there’s a 4-for-1 sale at your favourite store; you spend a little, but get to leave with a whole lot more.

By joining a brand’s Loyalty Rewards Program, you automatically move from the regular section to VIP status. You get first dibs on promos & exclusive events, get exclusive insider information from the brand, and let’s not forget those freebies, discounts and aspirational prizes like cars you could be taking home.

Now that you know you didn’t make a mistake, you may be wondering how you actually use this card. While you were away last week, we posted an Introduction to the ParolZ CityCard. That post has some information that you would definitely find useful, especially if you’re a newbie to the Loyalty Rewards world. But be rest assured that using your card is easy. All you basically need to do is present your card at the check-out point or to any attendant each time you go to your favourite store, and they will enter the points you get for the items purchased. Simple!

We’ve also got some free tips for you so you can find your way around Loyalty Rewards Programs easily.

1. Make sure there’s something in it for you
First of all, remember that it’s all about you. Your money, your benefit. It is important to find out what you are getting from the program. Sometimes, stores (brands) tend to look at how Loyalty Rewards Programs can benefit them and start to ignore the customer – you. After all, they’re the ones providing the service, right? Wrong!

If you are going to get into a Loyalty Rewards Program, the ‘Loyalty’ should work both ways – you ensure you keep going back to the same stores to bump up those points, and the store makes you a happy trooper by rewarding you with all the benefits that come with their loyalty package.

2. Ask the right questions
It’s one thing to know that you will be rewarded for purchasing certain items at your favourite store, and it’s a whole different ball game to know the metrics of the program you are joining. What kinds of incentives are available? Are they long-term aspirational rewards like getting a Toyota Pajero after achieving a certain number of points, or are they more immediate? What is the value of the points you gather? How can you earn these points?

These questions will not only help you make the right decision on what Loyalty Program to join, but also help you use the Loyalty Program to your best advantage.

3. There may be short cuts
There’s nothing like a short cut to get you where you’re going faster; except this one won’t lead you to a haunted house in the middle of the road. These awesome short cuts will instead lead you to more rewards faster.

With most Loyalty Rewards Programs you could have the chance to earn more points faster by going the extra mile. This could be through inviting a friend to join the program, sharing your new points on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc, or even inviting new friends to the store. The more you do, the faster and closer you get to those juicy rewards.

4. Not all Loyalty Rewards Programs work the same
Now that you know how awesome these programs are, you may be tempted to sign up for more than one. Even though this is great news – more rewards for you; it is also important to note that not all programs work the same.

Some stores have short term rewards like freebies, discounts, free tickets etc, while others have a more long term/aspirational incentive. For example, you may be racking up points to win yourself a brand new Toyota car or a round trip to Atlanta – It will take some time, but the benefits are huge.


Coupled with all the above, the one thing you should always keep in mind is – Loyalty Programs are not about making your purchase process longer. They’re created to make you an even bigger and more valuable part of that store’s family. It’s about showing appreciation to the customer, and above all, it’s about making sure you get the best value possible for money spent.

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Have a great day and see you in the VIP section!
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