Tes.com Olympics ResourcesThere’s nothing like the sweet smell of victory. Its addictive aroma reminds you that sweat, preparation, opportunity, dedication, focus, will power and the dream of success is all you need to make your mark in this world.

For the Nigerian team, bringing home the Bronze medal for Football is a win in its own right, and one that we should be proud of. Sure, we can choose to focus on medals lost but the one thing we should never lose sight of is – winning is not just about taking home medals, but also about showing the world you can still stand up after you’ve fallen.

So how do we keep this drive going? What can you do to keep up your winning streak? That’s easy – we’ve come up with some great & gold-worthy ways to keep you feeling like a winner for longer.

1. Keep the games going with some fun activities! Lagos is buzzing on the weekends with entrepreneurs, professionals and all around gamers meeting up for board games at #LagosOnBoard. They’re having another awesome event this Sunday 28th August 2016, so make sure you show up & game up!

Find out more on Instagram – @LagosOnBoard and get your poker face ready.

2. Host a post-Olympic-themed farewell party. Nothing says goodbye and see you soon like an after-party. Get drinks and more from your favourite stores, stock up the fridge, invite some friends and celebrate the wins.

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3. Indulge in some of the happiest hours of your life at the 411 Restaurant & Bar in Lagos. Every day, between the hours of 5PM – 7PM, all beers and cocktails come with a 50% discount for your drinking pleasure. So fill the void after work, and get your groove on!

Remember, the opportunities for greatness are endless. All you have to do is give it your all and never stop.

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See you on the VIP side of life!

Photo Source: Tes.com