Libra Sign ImageDid you know that the month of September is literally one of the best months of the year? Not only is it home to the International Day of Peace (September 21st), but cosmically, it shows that the very universe has destined us (yeah, you & me) to be together.

If you’re one for figuring out what the Zodiac signs have to tell us, then we are happy to inform you that Virgos & Libras, both born in this month, are meant to be ParolZ CityCard holders, just like all the other awesome Zodiac signs out there.

Virgos are loyal, hardworking and analytical – and so are our registered brands. ParolZ members like Green Grill House & BubbleTii are dedicated to showing their appreciation for your continued love & patronage and so constantly give out amazing discounts, freebies and more to their Loyalty Card Holders. You can get in on these awesome freebies too – just ask a rep of the brand about their Loyalty Program and get started.

Libras on the other hand are diplomatic, graceful, peaceful, idealistic and hospitable – in other words, they’re great hosts. You’ll definitely find like-minded brands like Shomya, Vane, MeiDei, Cookieskin and more that are always willing to bring you wholeness, serenity and a great time. And while you’re at it, you can join in their Loyalty Programs to get some amazing benefits.

This might all sound very mystical, but we assure you it’s as real as the ground you walk on. Signing up for a Loyalty Program will definitely open up a world of MORE for you and your friends, so start the journey today!

Since we are speaking to an intellectual bunch, we are sure you’ll want to know more. Give our customer relations experts a call and they’ll give you all the information you need and more.

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See you on the VIP side of life!

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