citycard-image-pexels-september2016Before we get started, can we just say – Whoever invented the weekend seriously needs to look into adding an extra day.

Alas, the long weekend is over and Wednesday is about to do what Monday couldn’t; start the work week. The Eid Mubarak holidays were filled with a gym trainers’ nightmare (lots and lots of beef, lazy afternoons & alcohol) and now that we’re back at work, it almost seems too bad to be true. But not to worry, the lovely people at the CityCard HQ know all too well how to make work seem like play.

So, we have rounded up some helpful tips on how to turn that frown upside down and make your Wednesday, Thursday & Friday go by like a breeze.

1. Go Hard on Your Loyalty Card
The great thing about Loyalty Programs & Cards is they bring a little sunshine to your day with freebies, discounts and more. So give that card something to do and spoil yourself with some great treats.

You can knock off some Naira at a spa appointment during your lunch break or even get free drinks and meals with your accumulated points after working hours.

You worked so hard to add up those points, what’s the use in not using them. And just in case you aren’t part of the Front Row of Loyalty Programs, you can sit with us by asking your favourite store about their Loyalty Programs today!

2. Get a Cuppa Something
Now, on to something you probably can’t live without – coffee/tea. Work mornings deserve a burst energy that will get your day started right, and that is what coffee & tea provides.

You can either get a sharp buzz with some strong coffee or channel your moment of zen with some calming tea. Either way, a cup in your hand can help get your head in the game.

3. Vision Boards
I know, it sounds a bit too ethereal, but trust us, vision boards can be a great asset. This is practically placing all you want to achieve in the next few hours, days, months or even years, on a board to get your adrenaline pumping and your mind focused.

Nothing gets things done faster than passion and drive; so staring at that board will put the right pep in your step and fire in your belly.

4. Tidy Up
It’s never pleasant to leave a mess and come back to it; but in this case it can be a plus. Cleaning has proven to be a detoxing process that helps declutter the mind, and clarity is key when it comes to productivity.

So tidy up your desk, file cabinets, soft & hard files and kick work off with a clear and fresh start.

5. Have Fun after Work
This has to be our favourite because there’s no hour like Happy Hour. Get in on some unwinding with great after-work specials and hangouts with friends. This is a great way to loosen up and switch out of work mode, plus it gives you a stress-free foundation for the next day.

Being back at work doesn’t have to be all file shuffling, traffic, endless meetings and work non-stop; you can make it work for you by trying out our tips and enjoying life as you do it.

And if that doesn’t work, at least Friday isn’t that far away.

Don’t forget, if you want to start a Loyalty Program and get more customers for your business, kindly visit or call 0816261699.

See you on the VIP side of life.