happy-customerLet’s face it – Nigerians aren’t exactly the most trusting people in the world. Based on past experiences of getting ripped off constantly, we have developed a “better safe than sorry” attitude towards life, and even new things in general. And that definitely puts a damper on the process of Loyalty Programs.

These programs require trust, belief and consistency to become successful. But with the low percentage of Nigerians willing to open themselves up to new strategies & experiences, your Loyalty Program might have to learn the ropes when it comes to getting what you want in your rewards programs from your Nigerian customers.

That being said, we’re here to give you 3 keys to not onlye getting customers excited about what your program has to offer, but keys to achieving your business aims also.

1. Great Customer Service
You may be wondering why we put this first, but to be honest, you wouldn’t even want to hear the words “Customer Loyalty” from a brand that has horrible customer service.

It is important to designate the task of distributing information about your Loyalty Cards, and even your brand in general, to employees who are well spoken, friendly, intentional and able to make the sale (so to speak). Giving it to the ‘Check Out Girl’ is often the route business take, but this does not have to be the case. Have someone take the title of ‘Loyalty Card Personnel’ so they have all the information ready, and can really get your customers interested and excited about getting more from their favourite brand.

2. Give Customers a Head Start
Nothing beats getting a head start. A study conducted on Loyalty Programs by Professors – Joseph Nunes & Xavier Dreze titled “The Endowed Progress Effect” analyzes how artificial advancements affect customer efforts when it comes to Loyalty Programs.

They found that if customers are given a head start on their way to achieving their desires in your Loyalty Program, they are more willing and are often times successful at completing the rewards tasks.

According to Nunes and Dreze, ‘the head-start loyalty card helped customers mentally re-frame the completion process; the fact that they didn’t have to start something from scratch played a meaningful role in their motivation to complete the card.’ The study also shows that the closer people got to achieving their goals, the more effort they put into making sure they did.

You can apply this to your business by starting your customers off with a 10% discount to get them going or by giving them a complimentary 20 Points to get them closer to their target of 100 Points.

3. Play the Superiority Game
Ever played Candy Crush or Temple Run? Getting ahead in life never gets old. Bank on this full-proof system and get your customers to ‘fight for points’ and show who the bigger dog is.

Research conducted by Nunes shows that people enjoy gathering points, if not just to show that they are at the top of the point-pyramid, but also to beat others in the point gathering game.

If the point system doesn’t work for you, you can use the class system. This means instead of your customers getting certain points, they get upgraded to a higher class i.e: Bronze member, Silver member, Gold member, Platinum member etc. This will definitely make your client feel like they’re special to you and who wouldn’t want that?

Just be sure to readily differentiate what your Bronze members and your Gold, Silver, Platinum etc members get to ensure class separation.

4. Align Your Goals with their Desires
As much as we would like to say Loyalty Rewards Programs are for the customers’ enjoyment, your business still has to gain some profit or enjoy perks from the customer’s card engagement. That is why it important to align your goals with their desires.

For example, if you own a restaurant, having the customers buy food & drinks from you worth N10,000, irrespective of the number of visits, could automatically get them a free dinner. You get sales from their patronage, and they get a free dinner when they hit the N10,000 mark. It’s a win-win situation.


Creating a successful Customer Loyalty Program can be really hard, or really easy – depending on the ideas & strategies you use in getting it done. To get more help on starting a Loyalty Program and getting some customers for your business, kindly visit http://www.parolz.com/business or call 0816261699.

Photo Credit: BizCircle.att.com