There are a few things every woman knows how to do in life, some of them being the ability to ask for directions, the gift of child birth and the nose to hunt down the best discounts and freebies in the world. However, there are some women who have decided to live their lives a little differently.

They decide to take a chance and find their way via getting lost, opt for adoption and mother those in need, and, for the life of them, can’t find a decent discount even if it were tied to Idris Elba’s back.

While we are not experts in Google Mapping or Fertility, we do know our onions and oranges when it comes to getting amazing discounts and freebies, all from some amazing brands with Loyalty Programs!

We’ve done the math so you don’t have to. All YOU have to do is sit back and relax while we show you the way to beauty girl heaven complete with free manicures, discounted massages, referral programs, gift cards and more!

Here is our guide to the best places to get more value for your money.

Spa Days

CookieSkin, Youtopia Beauty & The Beauty Atelier
CookieSkin, Youtopia Beauty & The Beauty Atelier

CookieSkin: This luxe beauty brand offers skincare products that solve hyper-pigmentation, acne, damaged skin, sun burns, and more for lasting results. Get skin that looks and tastes as good as a freshly baked cookie, while saving some Naira with their Loyalty Program.

Glamour Lounge, Salon & Spa: Get that A-List treatment at this exclusive spa in Ikeja, Lagos. From facials & body massages to fitness equipment & salon services, you’ll definitely be in the right place for some quiet time with an edge.

The Beauty Atelier: With their offerings of spa, beauty and personal care services, this beauty haven has proven to be a favourite for women in Lagos. Their list of beauty services is guaranteed to get you from glum to glam in minutes with some freebies to boot.

YB Cocoon Day Spa: Located in Lekki, Lagos, the YB Spa mixes fashion and beauty treatments for a recipe that works wonders. Join their Loyalty Program for more bang on your buck and soar high like a butterfly!

Youtopia Beauty: Online beauty brings all your beauty needs straight to you. Shop amazing beauty products and enjoy major discounts, freebies and giveaways that will keep you coming back for more.

Hair Haven

Sari Signature,
Sari Signature, Solange Hair & Beauty Salon & My Extensionz

Sari Signature: From TV personalities to the girl next door, Sari Signature is the go-to place for ‘Slayed Hair’. They offer a wide range of styles & hair care services that would meet any and every one of your needs + their Loyalty Program gives you more for less! What girl doesn’t want that?

My Extensionz: Glueless wigs, mink lashes, lace wigs…you name it, and they’ve got it! This beauty location offers personal care services and so much more to have you feeling like a million bucks.

Solange Hair & Beauty Salon: Abuja’s very own is a hub of beauty services with creative hair styling, makeup services, hair & makeup teaching sessions and more. Grab your friends and head on down to sharpen your skills and get a pampering too.

Nail Central

Vane Bar/Vane Polish, The Nail Bar & Colors by RL
Vane Bar/Vane Polish, The Nail Bar & Colors by RL

Vane Nail Bar & Vane Polish: Bold hues, popping shades and excellent service are 3 traits of this popular nail care brand in the heart of Lagos. Take a walk to their lush space and have all your tip needs met with more value for your hard earned cash.

Colors by RL: Chrome polish, embellished nails and a flashy finish is what you can expect from this signature store. Plus, with their Loyalty Programs, you can be sure to get so much more for a whole lot less.

The Nail Bar: Located in the city of Abuja, TNB promises ‘The Ultimate Nail Spa Experience’ and delivers on this promise every time. With a serene environment, spa services and so much more, you can get the full TNB experience and get discounts, freebies & special rewards via their Loyalty Program.

Makeup Galore

Shomya Lagos, & Intenz Beautifier
Shomya Lagos, Touch of Michelles & Intenz Beautifier Makeover

Shomya Lagos: Get your groove back with amazing salon & makeup services and braided wigs from one of Lagos’ finest. Visit them today for an experience like no other with major freebies, giveaways and discounts.

Jeddytee Makeup Studios: Here’s another one for our Abuja residents. Get ready for special events with flawless makeup by Jeddytee, plus a discount here and there wouldn’t hurt.

Touch of Michelles: Here’s another MUA from Abuja with the Midas touch. Get your face BEAT to perfection with major savings through their Customer Loyalty Program built specially for you.

Intenz Beautifier: Abuja sure loves its beauty brands! Professional makeup artist and beauty academy, Intenz Beautifier, is your one stop shop for makeup products, beauty services and learning the art of makeup on a budget.

So, be it that you’re hanging with the girls or just want to take some time for yourself, these brands have been revamped to make your experience like no other.

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